'A Tail To Remember' is a magical and fun romp through a newly established fantasy world. With good atmosphere and fun adventures to be had, as well as mysteries to be seen and solved. The characters are nice to read about, and their travels are likely to captivate young and old readers alike.

Allen Leeman

'A Tail to Remember' is a nice story that you'll enjoy if you like adventure and surprises. The story is really catchy and funny. Enjoyable for all!

Luca Pellegrini

This book completely drew me in! The world that Micklang occupies before and after his escape is wonderfully detailed and gratifying to lose yourself in. His adventures are both terrifying, and alternately delightful, and there are so many layers to the plot that I found myself re-reading sections just to be sure I absorbed all the color Mr. Hunt had incorporated onto the storyline. This would make a spectacular children's movie,and really, I felt quite young as I read it. I WILL be reading this one to my grandson as his first bedtime story chapter book!

Rebecca DeLaVega

Edward Jones accountant.

I bought this for my grandson's birthday, and he loves this! He is actually close with the author and was ecstatic to receive it. I took a peek at the book, and I can sure say this is a very unique take on a fantasy story.

Deborah Plumley


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